FY18 Region Slate Announced

I want to congratulate the Sonora Region Members that have been slated for upcoming FY18 leadership roles! If you haven’t seen the slate yet, I encourage you to take a look and review the candidate statements (see the links below). Several of the positions, collegiate and professional, are contested this year and our elections are right around the corner.

The slate list also includes the procedure to be a petition candidate which is due to Renee DeFeo at nominations@sweregionb.org by March 20.

Professional Candidates: http://sweregionb.org/wp_files/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/FY18-Professional-Slate.pdf

Collegiate Candidates: http://sweregionb.org/wp_files/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/RCT-Candidates.pdf


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Winter Senate Meeting Recap

Below is a high level recap of the Winter Senate Meeting held in Austin, Texas. All three Senators from Region B were in attendance. Fran and Britany will share additional details during the Region Business Meeting at conference this weekend. 

The following motions passed and the background and details of these are on the Senate website (Senate.swe.org):

  • S-1713: Other Groups
  • S-1714: Collegiate Director Eligibility 
  • S-1715: Senate Procedures Updates
  • S-1716: Procedure Review for SWE Membership Conduct 

The following are highlights on the discussion on strategic planning:

  • We will be incorporating the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and Strategic Initiatives Committee (SIC) into the Senate for next year. The Senate will be the strategic body of SWE, per the current bylaws. Aligning these groups will the Senate will facilitate this effort.
  • Region Impact: All Regions need to ensure we nominate big-picture people to be on the SWE Senate for next year. It would be ideal for the senate nominees to be active learners and have backgrounds with strategic planning. In future years, Senators will be vetted by the Society Nomination Committee.
  • A motion was added to the agenda, from the floor. This motion passed to help with upcoming governance changes and continuing to commit SWE’s resources to this effort. The Society bylaws have not been changed yet, but the Senate was asked to approve the general direction of the governance changes that include:
  1. Collegiates will be granted full voting rights in SWE
  2. Terms for senate members will be 3 years
  3. All Senate nominations and elections will be competency-based without regard for geographic location
  4. Regions shall be dissolved by end of FY18
  5. Selection of the Society nominating committee will be on the basis of competency, not based on geographic location 

 Check out governance.swe.org for upcoming updates.

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Winter Senate Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the Winter Senate Meeting on January 28, 2017 in Austin, Texas has been released and is below.

Please note that the Senators will be voting on motions regarding two bylaw amendments and two procedure changes during the meeting. You can find all of the details on the amendments and participate in our discussion thread via our blog post.

If you have questions about the agenda, please provide feedback to your senators.



Final Call for Feedback – Winter Senate Meeting Motions


This is a final call for feedback on the motions in front of the Senate that will be voted on this Saturday at the Winter Senate Meeting.

  • Motion S-1713: Other Groups
  • Motion S-1714: Collegiate Director Eligibility

The details on these amendments, including exact wording can be found from this link:


Please feel free to comment on the blog post if you have questions and/or feedback on the motions.

Annual Conference: A Collegiate Perspective

Reflecting on WE16, my fourth annual SWE conference, I realized how my goals for the conference have changed year to year. My first SWE annual conference was in 2012, and it was incredibly intimidating, yet inspiring. A sophomore in college, I had barely been exposed to all the possibilities that engineering and SWE can offer. I had no idea what to expect, but I had been told that it was a great place to find an internship. So my goal was to dominate the career fair, and it paid off with an awesome internship with Northrop Grumman a year later. I have since realized that a significant portion of my career fair swag ends up being donated to the thrift store, and those heels are not worth it. With internships complete and graduate school lined up, my focus has transitioned into learning more about how to help SWE advance its mission and how to successfully navigate my ever-changing engineering career. As a collegiate senator this year at WE16, I was able to participate in the Collegiate Leadership Institute where I heard talks on topics like how to improve my personal brand and how to combat the imposter complex. At the region and senate meetings, I was able to use my experience with SWE to convey information to others and help influence the society’s future.

I have learned uncountable pieces of information from SWE conferences, but the best advice that I have heard at annual conference is how to take a compliment. You should accept it without downgrading it or feeling obligated to return it. At first I wondered what could be wrong with returning a compliment? Someone compliments your dress, and you immediately respond that their hair looks super cute today. It seems harmless enough, but I learned that it can be a defense mechanism that relates to the imposter complex. We don’t want to be seen as arrogant or we don’t believe we deserve the praise, so we deflect it onto someone else. Worse, the returned compliment will probably sound inauthentic. With practical tips like this, the skills and knowledge I’ve gained from SWE impact my life everyday.

As a freshman reluctant to join SWE, I never would have believed how the society would change my life and career goals in the next 5 years, but it has. SWE conference is more than meetings and interviews and information. SWE is a feeling. The details of my conference experience change yearly, but the support from the people I’ve shared the experiences with is constant. The number of women engineers in one place felt foreign at first, but now my favorite part of conference is just the energy and positivity that emanates from such a crowd. It’s the reassurance that they did it, and I can do it too. I left Philadelphia feeling physically exhausted, yet I know that the mental power that I get from all of the thought-provoking speakers and results-oriented meetings will continue to draw me back year after year. I’m sure Austin, Texas won’t disappoint!



Utah State University section officers having a fun time at the hospitality suites 🙂


SWE’s Annual Conference, WE – A Reflection and Look Forward


Natalie, Amy Jo, and Martha getting our WE11 Conference Programs signed by Stacey!

This morning my Facebook memories reminded me that five years ago today I was attending my first SWE Annual Conference in Chicago, IL with the photo to the left. For those that haven’t experienced a SWE Annual Conference (usually abbreviated WE then the year of the conference, so WE16 for this year) it is the “world’s largest conference for women engineers.” This description doesn’t do it justice because as I look forward to attending my sixth conference, I can attest that it is truly magnificent opportunity to grow, network, and connect with the SWE community. The keynotes, networking opportunities, speaker events, the career fair, and a variety of satellite activities (do yourself a favor and plan some chill out time in the lava lounge) provide different avenues for attendees to take value away from the conference experience.

Getting started, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the huge variety of things to do every day, so I’d like to share some tips on how to maximize your experience. As a first time attendee and a proud introvert, I was thankful to have Martha Walker, a proven conference veteran staying with me to show me the ropes that first year – including the Hospitality Suites (yes, even professionals can attend them … just ask before grabbing the swag). The jam-packed schedule was daunting and I found it frustrating when I started building my schedule and realized that I couldn’t possibly attend every session that I found interesting. It would have been easy for me to have been lost in it all and resort to crashing in the mountain high pile of conference bags tucked in the quiet corner behind registration … no really, the bags are padded and insulated – I have thought about it ;). Another thing that surprised me was how many people I got to meet and interact with and what it felt like to be in the gender majority, especially when talking about work and technical issues. It’s a unique and empowering experience that I would recommend to everyone (this is also a truly amazing opportunity to allow male advocates to experience first-hand what it is like to be a part of the gender minority … many male advocates I have talked to refer to their first time experiencing this as a pivotal point in their advocacy journey.)

I am glad I had done my prep and grateful that I had supportive SWEsters around me. So for those who haven’t yet found your Martha, are new/newer to the conference, or are looking for more ways to maximize your conference experience, below are some excellent resources that will help you get prepared.

  1. Erin Winick’s Blogpost titled “A Collegiate’s Guide to WE16, SWE Annual Conference” … I know this post was written with collegiates in mind, but this blog appeals to professionals as well. She covers all the basics: packing, the career fair, planning your schedule, networking … and the infamous ribbon bar at medium.com/@scichic/
  2. The Conference Website at we16.swe.org and the mobile app at we16.swe.org/about-we16/we16-conference-app/
  3. Watch the recordings of the SWE WE16 Webinar Series at swe.org – they can be easily found with “WE16” as your search option. The series includes the following:
    • WE16 Orientation
    • What Not to Wear – SWE Conference Edition
    • Networking for Newbies
    • Career Fair Savvy

As a veteran SWE Annual Conference attendee, I am excited to be in my final preparations for WE16 in Philadelphia in less than two weeks! I have tested a lot of tips over these years … personally, the one that has been most valuable came from SWEster Amy Hammar when she told me to push myself to meet at least one new person as each event but to balance that with scheduling downtime for yourself to recharge each day. She was so right, you have to listen to yourself and take care of yourself in order to get the most value out of your conference experience.

Here’s to looking back five years from now and celebrating the continued friendships of my SWEsters!


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October Monthly Senate Call

The October Senate Monthly Meeting focused on the schedule of events for #WE16, including a review of the proposed bylaws amendments that will be in front of the Senate for a vote at #WE16.
There was a healthy discussion on motion S-1704 on the size of Region Councils; including participation by several motion authors. A lot of good points were brought up both in favor and against the motion. I encourage all Region B members to read this motion and openly share their thoughts with the Senators. We have setup a dedicated blog entry to allow Region B members to engage with each other on this topic – please visit it here: https://sonorasenate.wordpress.com/2016/10/02/discussion-on-motion-s-1704-region-councils
We also reviewed the two competing motions on the Collegiate Director role (S-1702 and S-1703) – again, I encourage all Region B members to read these motions and openly share their thoughts with the Senators. This is extremely important to collect the voice and feedback from our Collegiate members.

The second session of the October Senate Meeting will occur on Monday evening. If you have any feedback for the Senate, please make sure you provide it ahead of that meeting so we can work to gain answers for any of your questions.


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