ABJ Leadership Summit

The Joint Regions A, B, and J Leadership Summit – ABJ – is just around the corner. The Senators from each region will have a general update for those in attendance; however, we want to know what Region B members want to hear during our Region Meeting. Please comment below or send us a message on what topics you would like us to cover during our update.

See you in Lake Tahoe😉

If you haven’t registered or booked your hotel room – hurry … get all the details here http://regiona.swe.org/abj-meeting.html

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July Senate Meeting – Transition and Training

The July Senate Monthly Meeting focused on the transition of our Senate Leadership Team and Senators between Fiscal Year 2016 (FY16) and Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17). In addition, there was a level set of the goals for the Senate and expectations for Senators along with a wonderful refresher on SWE’s Core Ideology and Code of Conduct. As we often are bogged down in the details of our specific role or task with SWE, I find it refreshing to start the new year with these reminders!

I am excited to start this next year and I want to welcome Britany Chamberlain and welcome back Fran Stuart to the Senate Team for Region B. All three of us will be posting blogs as the year progresses – so check back often to stay up to date. If there are specific items you would like to see a discussion about, please let us know.

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SWE Senate FY17 Goals

Thank You Deb & Carina!

SWE 2016 Region Mtg_Senators_Edit.jpg

July marked the start of the new fiscal year for SWE, Fiscal Year 2017 or FY17. With the start of the new year, I would like to dedicate this blog entry to our Senators that completed their term for the Region – Deb Willems and Carina Hahn. Deb and Carina were excellent Senators. While the Region members often see us attending the Region face-to-face meetings and presenting updates during Region Council Meetings – we do a lot more during the year. These two leaders racked up numerous hours working within the Region B Leadership Team to make sure our Region’s voice was represented while also working between Regions to share best practices and discuss important matters that were in front of the Senate. In addition, both served on Governance Working Groups to help establish the framework for the Governance Task Force for FY17. Our team had a great amount of fun while strengthening our progress to achieve SWE’s mission.

I can attest that Deb and Carina had a special sense of duty to make sure the Region was informed of all updates from the Senate and that membership feedback we received was shared with the Senate and our BOD representatives. Their efforts helped maintain stability last year while our Society faced a significant amount of change.

I thank Deb and Carina for their service to the Senate and our Region. I learned a tremendous amount from both of you and I know our Region benefited from your passion and experience.

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May Region Council Call

Today was the May Region B Council Meeting with the Region Council, including Section Representatives and our Collegiate Leadership Team. Deb did a wonderful job presenting the update from the Region B Senators. Thank you for all that participated in the discussion today. For those that were not on the call, the majority of the update was on the upcoming votes for Bylaws and one motion. Please make sure you get your feedback to Deb, Carina, or I before our next Senate call on June 13th.

Region B_Senate Slides_May 2016

Monthly Call – May 2016

The May call was a full agenda focused on the upcoming bylaws amendments that be voted on electronically in June.

Here is a summary:

House Keeping – The Senate procedures & Reserve Fund Document  are reviewed every two years, voting has been postponed to FY17 to provide additional time for input.

The following Proposed Bylaws Amendments and Motion were reviewed-

  • S1608: Collegiate Director Eligibility
  • S1609: Director of Regions Eligibility
  • S1610: Collegiate Director Term
  • S1611: Vacancies
  • S1613: Honorary Members
  • S1615: Dues
  • S1616: External Policy Responsibility
  • S1617: Trademarks and Emblems

Motion — Employee Sponsored Membership

Complete details  on these motions and amendments can be found at http://senate.swe.org/amendments-and-motions.html

The Senate will vote on these amendments and the motion electronically between June 13 – 27.

Please contact a Senator with your questions or comments, or leave a comment to this post.

Here is our timeline for Senate communication and voting:
May 14 & 16: Monthly Senate Communications Call
End of May: Senate Leadership to send out transition documents for out going senators to fill out and walk through with their incoming senators in preparation for FY17
Jun 1: Working group recommendations and transition documents submitted
Jun 13: Final discussion call for Amendments/Motions

This will be a MANDATORY CALL for the Senate to allow for a final discussion with the entire Senate.

Jun 13: Voting opens on all Amendments and Motions
Jun 27: Voting Closes


Reminder to check out the new Senate website: http://senate.swe.org/

Winter Senate Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the Winter Senate Meeting has been released and is below. You might notice the agenda topic on the Senate Communication Website. The concept of a joint communication venue for all Senators, regardless of region, was brought up as an idea during the ABJ Leadership Team Meeting! The idea has been found favorable by the Senate Leadership and Amy Jo has been working with SWE HQ and our website team to best develop a tool to keep the membership informed. Deb, Carina, and I are very excited about this and we will share the updates with you during the ABJ Regional Conference.

Please note that the Senators will be voting on the motion regarding the Special Directors (S-1605) during the meeting. You can find all of the details on this motion and participate in our discussion thread via our blog post.

Winter Senate Meeting

Monthly Senate Call – January

January’s Senate call was short and sweet. We reviewed the motion S1605 that will be on the February Senate meeting agenda, the travel policy (in preparation for our February meeting) and a Q&A session.

More information on motion S1605 is available in this blog post: https://sonorasenate.wordpress.com/2015/12/29/motion-under-review-s-1605-special-directors/

The Q&A session topics centered around the subcommittee work and a communication plan to the members. The BOD has a call set up this week continue working with Senate leadership to provide slides for subgroup updates that we can use at the upcoming region conferences. Much of the February Senate meeting is being dedicated to working in subcommittees. I anticipate that each group will make a lot of progress and I’m looking forward to this opportunity and to building  synergy across the groups.