Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives Committee (SIC) performs necessary research and develops white papers to facilitate the society’s dialogue on strategic initiatives. The SIC also solicits ideas from SWE members for future initiatives that align with the society’s strategic goals. One example of the group’s past work is the SWE Work Life Integration Playbook E-Book development.

You can find out more about the SIC on the Society Senate webpage:

The FY13 Society Mega Issues (MI) that are being worked this year are:

MI 00116: How can SWE inspire companies to provide creative opportunities for engineers who want to contribute in their industry and attend to family needs?

  • Team Lead: Karla Tankersley
  • This is just wrapping up the short term reccomendations from the FY12 team.

Socitey Strategic Plan Rewrite: This effort will begin at WE12.

The Fy13  Mega Issues Chair is Amy Jo Bowdidge.  Mega Issues Chair Elect is Karla Tankersley

Please contact either for input to the MI’s or if you’d like to join a MI committee.

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