FY 13 Sonora Region Senators

Amy Jo Bowdidge

Professional Senator


Amy Jo has held multiple positions in SWE including Section Representative (FY11), Region Collegiate Representative (FY09), Region B Collegiate Senator (FY10), CLF Senator Trainer (FY11) and Region B Communications Committee Chair (FY10-11). I have also served on the C2C Task Force, the Senate Training Task Force, and the Mega Issue 106 Task Force.  She has attended Collegiate Leadership Forum for the past 3 years, both as a participant and as an organizer and trainer. Aside from SWE, Amy Jo has been highly involved in the USU Engineering Council, a mentor in the College of Engineering, and has organized STEM outreach events that have reached over 900 K-12 students. Currently a mentor to a 7th grade girl that hopes to be an Aerospace Engineer and continues to participate in community outreach. Amy Jo has managed many events including the Northrop Grumman 2011 Engineering Week events in Clearfield.

Amy Jo Bowdidge graduated from Utah State University (USU) in December 2009 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, an emphasis in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in mathematics. She currently work at Northrop Grumman in Clearfield, UT as a Systems Engineer working on missile guidance systems.

Frances Stuart

Professional Senator


Frances Stuart received a B.S. in Industrial Management from Georgia Tech in June of 1979. Fran’s work history includes three years active duty military service, nineteen years in operations at four major aerospace companies, and twelve years as a partner in a small package testing and consulting company.  Fran has served six years on the Society of Women Engineers Board of Directors and in numerous local, region, and Society positions. Fran is a Region B Professional Senator and is chairing the Succession Planning Task Force for FY 12 Elect. Fran lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico with her husband Mike who is VP Technology with Stryker.

Wendy Merkley

Collegiate Senator


Wendy is a graduate student in Environmental Engineering with an emphasis on air quality at Utah State University.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree from USU in Civil Engineering.  She has been an active member of SWE for seven years and has served as vice-president two years at the USU SWE section and was FY12 Region B RCCE.  When not in school, Wendy likes to spend time with her husband hiking, camping or cooking.  She also enjoys reading books and playing games.  Her goals include finishing her Master’s degree and encouraging girls to pursue a career in science and engineering.

Tracy Van Houten

Alternate Senator

FY12 Senators
Amy Jo Bowdidge, Professional Senator
Frances Stuart, Professional Senator
Kimberly Otteson, Collegiate Senator
Stacie Suggs, Alternate Professional Senator 

FY11 Senators
Deb Willems, Professional Senator
Penny Wirsing, Professional Senator
Christine Koloveas, Collegiate Senator
Stacie Suggs, Alternate Professional Senator

FY10 Senators
Deb Willems, Professional Senator
Penny Wirsing, Professional Senator
Amy Jo Bowdidge, Collegiate Senator
Sharron Casscaden, Alternate Professional Senator


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